This Fu*ker Fauci, listen to this Fu*ker today lie that he did not recommend locking down anything, blaming CDC & Trump; it was Birx & Fauci lockdowns & school closures that killed people, kids!

by Paul Alexander

this bitc*, this lying bitc*, these people, Francis Collins, Birx, Fauci, they killed people, killed business owners, killed out children, they must be held to account, soon he will use the age card

Lock them all up! Every one of these bit**es! Lock them up!

And this Fauci, he would threaten us at HHS and tell us he would send his group to leak to the press we and White House were muzzling him! This guys is so mischievous. He will soon send the media and his attack dogs out saying ‘hey, he is an elderly man, he is 81, stop attacking him, he is old’ and they will try to use the age card. You sit back and watch.

Let me first apologize for my swear words as I am very angry with this Fauci video and what he is implying. This guy with Birx and others as Trump’s and Biden’s COVID advisors caused the deaths of thousands needlessly with their lockdown lunacy.

Trump followed these bitches, he fell for it, Trump failed here…it is this we blame him for, he let them, Fauci and Birx, lead the lockdown lunacy and it killed people, we could not even go to church or bury our dead…this little bitch…so this little bitch Fauci is now saying he recommended, and it was CDC’s fault, not his, but it was Trump who implemented it so it is Trump’s fault…we told Trump, I have said this over and over, soon Trump, I am telling you again, they will hang it on you, all the lockdown lunacy, and each vaccine death…you best step up and call out the failed dangerous vaccines and say NONE for children else each death will be on you, they will say it and even try to imprison you…I warn you POTUS Trump…it is coming! People are whispering to me!