This gender affirmation sh*t needs to stop, this targeting of our children; Rep. MAJORIE Taylor Green is my heroine, she is hitting hard & I love it! you go girl! Is Dr. Rachel Levin INSANE? seems so!

by Paul Alexander

Twitter has marked two tweets from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as violating their rules on “hateful conduct,” after criticizing Dr Rachel Levine for promoting trans surgeries for kids.

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Crime on our streets is exploding, cost of living is beyond reach of many, price of gas is devastating, bread projected to $10, inflation is going through the roof, barrel of oil projected to 300$ as Biden reads letter by letter off the teleprompter for 1.5 years now and no one dares ask wtf is going on? Can’t he form one, just one sentence on his own?

and all these bi***es in the US government can talk about is gender transitioning? Like we have a bunch of male kids wanting to sling off their willies. Said who? I mean is this nation gone insane, that we have many kids running around wanting to change their gender? When did this happen? Or is it just the whacko leftist deranged nutballs? Likely we have RINOs and republicans same. Maybe even some conservatives.

It is like the monkeypox disaster, I told these sick inept idiots at CDC and NIH and WHO to PSA the Gay community and bisexual community no skin to skin contact, no anal sex, no masturbating of each other, nothing that would breach the penile and anal warts and pustules etc., nothing for 3 weeks and we will rid the outbreak. We will help mitigate risk for them and help them. It is not about being GAY, it is about the type of skin to skin contact that is the issue and heterosexuals as couples can also transmit infection if they were in direct contact and there was breakage of tissue.

Washington DC is reporting the largest outbreak per capita in US. While anyone can get monkeypox, 96% of D.C.’s cases are in men; 82% identify as gay. The majority of cases are in people 30 to 34 years old.

But they, the CDC and NIH and Fauci and Walensky and Tedros cannot do this and why? Political correctness woke bullshit crap that, with expansion, will now threaten the low risk heterosexual population. The GAY lobby is that strong, cannot hurt their feelings! It is as if we are living in an alternative universe run by insane, deranged psychotic governments.

Look, our kids want to go to good schools and be safe and no more of this COVID pandemic fraud bullshit and the fake fraud masks et al. That’s all. You the government killed enough of our kids with your COVID lockdown lunacy school closures now you are bring this fake bullshit ‘transitioning’ on us? Big props to MTG for the stones to take on Levin…I think Levin needs some brain surgery for she is clearly deranged! and BTW, can you get this image out of your head after seeing it?

“As Valiant News reported, Levine, the most prominent trans official in the current administration, argued that the government must “affirm,” “support” and “empower” transgender youth when it comes to transitioning in an interview with MSNBC.

Rep. Greene, one of the most prominent supporters of the America First agenda in conference, posted on Twitter mocking and condemning the comments from Levine in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

“We must do everything we can to prevent Dr. Dick Levine’s pre-teen #WeenieChop,” Greene said in the first tweet.

“Now that I think about it. As Dr. Dick Levine advocates for ‘gender affirming care’ for minors, has he undergone the #WeenieChop himself? Or is he just pushing this on children?” Greene asked in her second post.”