This idiot Redditor who says he is an MD, is having his 6th Covid infection & bout & tells us he is 4 times vaccinated, he tells us each bout is worse than prior yet the idiot is yet to realize mRNA

by Paul Alexander

mRNA technology gene injection vaccine is dysregulating & subverting his immune system, damaging it, vaccinated more prone to infection, ADEI & ADED, mismatch virus to antibodies & antigenic sin

This MD needs serious help. For he is on the booster treadmill the blockhead can’t seem to get off of and the egg-head does not get yet, despite what we have published, that the booster has failed, is in negative effectiveness territory and causes harms and death. This ding dong will likely take 5 more shots and go on Paxlovid (causes COVID rebound) and Molnupiravir (causes mutations).

Lord help this dimwit. He even thinks masks work for he says he does not get it in hospital where he is masked and only when outdoors on vacation…what a blockhead. This is the very same type of moron that helped suffer us and caused deaths of many by their Branch COVIDian Taliban mentality and ineptness, academic sloppiness, and intellectual laziness for he sure has not picked up one scientific paper, yet he may have, and it is that he cannot actually read the science or understand it. Cognitive dissonance. And dangerous. The stupidity and cluelessness by this block head abounds.