This is CRIMINAL by Israel, they have lost their minds!!!!! "COVID vaccine for Israeli babies, toddlers expected by April, says health official"; why dont Israel vaccinate in the womb now? in utero

by Paul Alexander

Means all Israelis over six months eligible for vax; what an insane nation now, or people or government, I don't know which, I love Israel and its people, but now at a loss; makes no sense

Do these demons not understand that children have an INNATE immune compartment that they come with that is the most potent and protects them from a broad array of pathogen, effectively? That they come with? That is very potent. That to vaccinate, the vaccinal antibodies can suppress (outcompete) the innate antibodies and leave children defenseless? The vaccinal antibodies have higher affinity for the antigen but there is also a huge problem, this being that these vaccines are non-sterilizing and so will not neutralize the virus…this means potentially that the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies (that do not hit the Delta or Omicron) cannot neutralize the virus but can still bind to it, in so doing block the innate antibodies from binding and as such they would be unable to sterilize the virus. The innate antibodies can sterilize the virus and shut it down but can be blocked. This can be catastrophic for then the child will be defenseless to the virus.

Moreover, by continuous boosting, the vaccinal antibodies will be boosted and as such will continually suppress the innate antibodies which will potentially leave the child continuously defenseless. This can be catastrophic. The vaccine developers did not study this and should have, and the FDA should have insisted, alike how they failed to ensure ADE/AMVE was studied.

And why now when Omicron is a natural vaccine...???? less toxic than the vaccine, very very mild to children, no symptoms, and allow children to be infected naturally and harmlessly as part of life, as we do for other pathogen, and they will have natural immunity life long...even if a virus is deadly for elderly but not for kids, let them get it as a child so when they are older they are already immune so wont get it at a later time when their immune system is not capable of defending…immuno-senescence…good God, I dont get this? 

Importantly for you to know is that these mRNA vaccines differ tremendously in how they were developed relative to routine vaccines especially for children. Moreover, this is where POTUS Trump whom I felt was a tremendous POTUS, made a catastrophic mistake with OWS. He did not understand the science and allowed the CDC, NIH, Fauci, Bourla, Moncef, Bancel and all involved to confuse and mislead him on the vaccine. There is no way you can take a 12-15 year vaccine development process and boil it down to 4 months and tell me it is safe and you DID NOT cut corners. They cut corners and ‘time’ in the process is there for a purpose for it is there so that we can detect safety issues and even those safety signals that are rare. Larger sample size as these vaccine developers sold to Trump, these inept idiots, cannot circumvent ‘time’. This is a catastrophe and we do not know the long-term safety implications to those who have taken the vaccine and now they are coming for our children. We have no idea what will happen post vaccine. Israel has fallen victim to the madness!

We can damage and kill our children. Thousands if not millions. I think this is a real possibility. So incredibly reckless and irresponsible. They have no idea of the long term side effects of this experimental novel treatment. When I vaxxed my kids, those vax had been studied for years….this is where I blame Trump and I/we want to know his discussion with people like Bourla…he Trump brought us the 2 greatest public health disasters in history (lockdowns and safety untested ineffective COVID vaccine) and is pushing boosters when the science shows they dont work. He does not know what he is saying.

The vax were never needed and now shows they dont and likely NEVER worked. And shows are harmful. He was so fooled and this is catastrophic…we have no idea what these shots will do the children long term; if you are 85 years old, that is another issue, you want it, have 12 shots like the guy from India. Hopefully you are well informed and consented.

See this taken directly from the article in question and you tell me what you think:

“Israel is expected to roll out vaccines for babies and toddlers by April, a senior health official said.

“In Israel vaccines are available now for everybody aged five and over. I believe by April this will be expanded for any age above six months,” Dr. Asher Shalmon, the Health Ministry’s director of international relations, said in a briefing to foreign policymakers and journalists this week.

Pfizer is in the process of conducting clinical trials to lower the approved age for its vaccine from five years to six months. Pfizer reported last month that, in its ongoing trial of children aged six months to five years, “no safety concerns were identified” and the vaccine “demonstrated a favorable safety profile.”