This is the story we should be glued to: "DNA found in coronavirus was patented by Moderna 3 years before the pandemic'...Researchers say 'there is a one-in-three-trillion chance' of this

by Paul Alexander

According to an analysis of the data by the Daily Mail, the patented sequence appears in the “furin cleavage site located on the virus’ spike protein,” an area of particular interest to scientists


“Now scientists find the virus contains a tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence[s] patented by Moderna three years before the pandemic began,” said Bartiromo. “Your reaction Stephane, what can you tell us?”

“My scientists are looking into those data to see how accurate they are or not,” replied Bancel.

“As I’ve said before, the hypothesis that this came from a lab by accident is possible… human[s] make mistakes. It is possible that the Wuhan lab in China was working on virus enhancement, or gene modification, and then there was an accident where somebody was infected… it is possible.”