This is what I mean, & Geert means by 'not getting back to baseline' & thus you will never get to herd immunity as you are not cutting the chain of transmission; you see here a curve/wave on left...

by Paul Alexander

gets down to baseline from prior baseline, then you see subsequent curves that on the down side, the slope does not get to baseline, stays up and starts a new wave, that get higher too, no baseline

Not getting to baseline is critical for it means you are not getting to herd immunity….not cutting the chain of transmission…normally with an outbreak, epidemic etc. you have the rise, peak, then decline back to baseline and you are at herd immunity, it is over; if you do not get to baseline as COVID is behaving especially in omicron, you have massive virus staying in the environment and this is what we mean by heavy infectious pressure…the virus is not going away per wave and the waves just keep getting higher…we are seeing each subsequent peak higher than the prior peak, the curves coming faster (shorter distance between waves), and not getting to baseline. This is a huge problem. This is a new phenomenon in COVID and we are not accustomed to seeing this. Something is not right here and it has to do with the ineffective injection being non-neutralizing and thus not eliminating the virus. Because of this, we cannot get to herd immunity and cannot control this virus if we do not stop the vaccine. Either the vaccine must be stopped or the infectious pressure must be massively reduced. We need less virus around (spike) for the antibodies to place under pressure. It is a simplistic way of stating this but in a nutshell, this is the issue.

The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies are causing this. The virus became resistant to the neutralizing antibodies and to the non-neutralizing antibodies. The current omicron virus spike is confronted by the Wuhan spike antibodies (that is gone one year now). How will that work? It cannot. We told these idiots this at PHAC, Health Canada, CDC, NIH, FDA etc. Their response, we vaccinate more. We go after the kids.