This is what they did Pastor Artur Pawlowski, dropped him to his knees, shackled him, put him in solitary confinement for what? Warning about COVID? Preaching? Where are you Danielle Smith? He helped

by Paul Alexander

you, and now it is time to make good, I am demanding you Danielle Smith help him! I know him like how I know you, you said you knew me, so now help him! A good human being feeding poor people

Petition to: Minister of Justice and Solicitor General AB - Mickey Amery and Crown Prosecutor - Steven Johnson


ATTN: Minister of Justice and Solicitor General of Alberta, Mickey Amery
           Crown Prosecutor, Steven Johnston

RE: Request to Crown for withdrawal of incarceration sentencing position

R v Pawlowski Calgary Provincial Court file no. 220132690P1

Hon. Mr. Mickey Amery,

This Petition is on behalf of Pastor Artur Pawlowski who has been subjected to unprecedented attacks and infringements on his unalienable Constitutional and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as a result of the COVID-19 fraudulent Provincial Emergency Orders.

Of greatest concern is the egregious abuse of justice against Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Pastor Pawlowski is facing sentencing on August 9th that could imprison him for up to ten years. His crime, preaching the gospel.

This is an innocent man who has been unlawfully harassed, threatened, detained, imprisoned, held in solitary confinement, tortured and falsely accused and now convicted of crimes, inciting mischief and eco-terrorism, that he did not commit. According to the Canadian Criminal Code, S 176 (1)(2)(3), which provides legal protection to clergyman who are performing their religious duties, it is an indictable offense to arrest clergy and liable to imprisonment for up to two years.

It is of critical importance in this case to acknowledge that had the Federal Government invoked the Federal Emergencies Act for COVID-19, which it has not, even that Emergencies Act states clearly that citizens’ rights are 100% protected.

AND WHEREAS the Governor in Council, in taking such special temporary measures, would be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights and must have regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, particularly with respect to those fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency.

Premier Smith is on record admitting that everything that was done in the past 42 months was political. Politicians weaponized the government and the judiciary. They colluded with judges and passed secret orders, they called on the police to be their hired hands and they had rooftop parties while expecting everyone else to comply with the unlawful Orders. The level of corruption is obscene and has not gone unnoticed by the public.

Therefore, I respectfully request that the Attorney General and the Crown immediately withdraw its position in relation to seeking a period of incarceration for Pastor Pawlowski, and seek a penalty of a conditional discharge, or alternatively, a fine only.

I look forward to your  attention to this matter forthwith.

Yours truly,

[Your Name]

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