This is what they look like just before they talk policy and have congressional discussions; this is why it is all always a clusterfu*k & the men, well they are legally drunk most of the time!

by Paul Alexander

Half senile, half legally drunk, both parties & the women, also senile and drunk and what a dangerous combination, they cannot even find their false teeth half of the time; thank God for Gorilla glue

You can always count on the Gorilla glue, does the job nicely and does not fail!! If only we could use it to keep Michael Cohen’s verbal ‘rat’ diarrhea shut. What a ‘rat’ he is. A stinking rat. I have no other words. Will sell his mother for the right price. One can believe nothing that rat says.

People like Janet Y always amazes me, they fail disastrously in their post in one administration yet get the same job in another. How that happens I do not know! I would ask the same of VP Giggles yet I would leave the question and answer to Willie Brown. He gots the goods I am told. You go VP Giggles, you go, huge props for the ability to giggle, no one can match you, keep giggling away! Shows the world that the second string quarter back is similar in strength to the one on deck. Now do you understand the serious pile of sh*t we are in?