This POLICE shooting is very wrong if as shown, this must be investigated and if as shown, these police must be charged with murder here! This is what 'bad cop' versus Buffalo 'Top' cop policing means

by Paul Alexander

This Ohio police shooting is devastating

Buffalo police have shown over and over especially with the TOPS supermarket shooting, how to ‘calm’ their fears and not go in shooting…these Ohio police show what happens if you do not calm your fears…you kill unarmed people…you react out of fear of what someone ‘might’ do or who they are or who you think they are and not what they did. Police training needs serious work. I support blue 100% and will always, very special people, but when they do wrong, I have to call it out!

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Community organizations asked for a transparent investigation Wednesday, a day after Ohio police released body camera footage of a fatal police shooting that occurred earlier this week.

Donovan Lewis, 20, died at a hospital following the shooting early Tuesday. Columbus police say officers were at the scene to arrest Lewis on multiple warrants including domestic violence, assault, and felony improper handling of a firearm.

Police body-cam footage shows an officer opening a bedroom door in an apartment and immediately shooting Lewis, who was in bed. Lewis appeared to be holding the vape pen before he was shot, said Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant. No weapon was found.