This transgender MADNESS has to stop, these schools & parents are destroying young children with this 'affirming' crap; now they want to 'affirm' kids en masse, I mean, where is this coming from?

by Paul Alexander

This is pure insane woke garbage nonsense, this is not real, this is craziness & is very destructive as the effects cannot be easily reversed; move to affirm an entire group of 5th graders, what???


‘Doctors from the St. Louis gender clinic now under investigation following bombshell whistleblower claims advised teachers to 'affirm' an entire group of fifth graders, emails 

The Washington University Transgender Center at the St. Louis Children's Hospital was shamed last week by whistleblower Jamie Reed, a former employee who wrote a bombshell article for The Free Press describing the 'medically and morally appalling' scenario at-play.’