This video by our beloved POTUS Trump makes no sense; it is that I am dismayed, I am truly stunned that he does not seem to know the devastation the vaccine is having on the social fabric of US

by Paul Alexander

Something is wrong here for the vaccine is not as effective as told to us, in fact it is a failure, and it is harmful to many; this will kill thousands of American children; all children

Is he that insulated? Does he not read the reports globally? Can we believe that he is clueless as to the deaths and harms accrued by the shots? Do his handlers keep him that filtered from reality? The data in my op-ed below shows that the vaxed are getting heavily infected and even more than the unvaxed and transmitting and getting serious illness. So what does he not know? He commented on Jussie recently in an interview so he is up on things.

Few times am I at a loss for words. Trump has shocked me here though. Look, I am a blunt person and it gets me in trouble as people find I am too blunt. I so supported him and do think he did tremendous things and was destined for greatness and can get there. I thought Rushmore was set. I think something is not right with the elections. I do not know but it seems that he was winning up to a point and in my mind, there are serious questions. Could of it been stolen? Absolutely. I think this may well have happened. Could he have lost by a nose? Absolutely too. You may not like how I say this but he may have legitimately lost, and maybe they stole parts too but even if you took it away, he may still have lost. Not by much. The lockdowns that he allowed and failed to fire Fauci and Birx, he allowed it as the boss…it costed him for his staunch supported were hurt and harmed by it…they were…so they may have done wrong and I dont even think Biden knows...I think bigger forces than he…and now Trump’s stand on the vaccine may hurt him irreparably…I dont need to hear about 5 and 8 dimension chess BS.

it caused crushing harms…the lockdowns and school closures. children committed suicide…it was his failure and it cost him (I said it, it cost him and many told me they sat it out and some flipped) and the vaccines he has brought…if he does not come and clean this up fast, and I do still support him, but if he does not, he will go down as the greatest disaster of a President. This has the potential to do that.

These are the two greatest public health disasters in history and happened under him, and can shape the world negatively for 100 years. He has to fix this and he can and ensure none for our children and he must denounce the vaccines. I do think he was poorly treated and it was filthy what they did to the First Lady and his son. The left and establishment and media left no stone unturned in hammering him. I detest what they did for he did not deserve this nor his wife. He did many great things but imagine in one sentence I can say you could be the greatest but you can also be the worst…he can be the latter depending on what he does next re these vaccines.

I am praying he understands.

I am a conservative, a libertarian conservative with steep social conservatism and the like in me. I love conservatism but a kind one and a just one and a loving one. Yet I will not disregard or disparage Biden. Someone called me to ask if I was going to listen to ‘Brandon’ tomorrow as POTUS is set to talk. After laughing I told them to stop for this is a very serious moment. What the POTUS says next. Can have grave implications societally. I will even work for his admin if asked. I have no hate or anger to no one for if Biden succeeds, the US will and so I support for I want the US to succeed. But Biden and his admin are a disaster and damaging the US…if Obama admin asked me to serve prior in disease control I would have. So to me this is not about politics. This is about what is best for the nation and saving lives.

Trump I greatly admire and respect. I support him. Yet he will have the gravest legacy if he continues this way and does not fix the vaccine. His legacy is in his hands. This battle is bigger than him and is not about him, and if he is not joining us in it, we have to wage on our own…