This video is why we must PUNISH THEM, all of them, in proper courts with judges, all government officials, health officials, alphabet agency people, all, if judges say they did good, we praise them!

by Paul Alexander

& hug them, celebrate them, from Fauci, Francis Collins, Azar, Njoo, Tam, Dough Ford, Jason Kenney, Walensky etc.; if judge says financial penalty & jail, we jail them, if death penalty, we hang them!

She did not understand the zoom and how to operate it. This is heart breaking.

What these bitches did to our loved ones, our parents, we NEVER ever forget them, and as long as it takes, we punish them, all of them! We must get to a place where we see high-level government people jailed, with hard labor too and put to death if we need to as a society if what they did costed lives!

Casey H stated:

‘The abuse, neglect, isolation, and violation of these precious elderly people is unforgivable! Those who perpetrated these crimes against humanity must be brought to justice and punished for their evil deeds.’


Do not be afraid! Yet we only operate within the prescribed legal framework in our societies. That we punish all involved with the lockdown lunacy as hard as we can, and we go after all involved with the development of this gene injection, mRNA, LNP, all of it, we investigate them all! Everyone who played God, who had God complexes and were money-drunk and power-drunk, all. We single out Bourla and Bancel and Şahin but we investigate them all.

If judges say jail time is in order, we jail every one last of them, and if judges say the death penalty is on the table, that judges conclude, then we impose the death penalty.

For your father and grand father, for your mother who could not sit with you and enjoy the Superbowl today, a simple family time game, GONE! Forever!

We punish these malfeasants in tribunals, in public inquiries, in court rooms wherever we can get them. Their actions were so reckless and dangerous and we gave them all the data to help them but they were power-drunk and incentivized, your parent’s life meant nothing, nothing to many of these medical doctors today. Medical doctors are why we are where we are today and I will never EVER trust them again. Inept and crooked!

I want to be clear, if proper legal inquiries operated in our good governance societies say these people did no wrong, we must ensure they get their pensions and live long good lives, full of praise and awards; if in COVID, judges say they caused deaths, their actions had a direct link to deaths of our families and children, then we work with the courts and if courts say impose financial penalties, then we clean them out financially, if judges say jail time is in order, we jail every one last of them, and if judges say the death penalty is on the table, we then impose the death penalty. I have no problem with these malfeasants being put to death! Once proper courts rule as such.


Our loved ones died in misery and pain and isolation and were badly treated and killed in the hospital system. We seek justice for them! Relentlessly.