This was a lie, day 1, by deepstate and FAUCI and WHO that mislead Trump and he bought it: "China's aggressive measures have slowed the coronavirus. They may not work in other countries"

by Paul Alexander

This was a catastrophic lie & the reality is that right there, I, Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Atlas (deserves huge credit), McCullough, Risch...we said no, no, no, you are ONLY denying natural immunity

This was March 2020, but I wanted to share again:

We said very early, to end lockdowns and locking down denies the base population getting to natural immunity/herd immunity, you destroy the economy, you suffer your people, you drive variants, you cause suicides in people, business owners, laid off people, children, and leave the population susceptible to coming variants…

All that is needed is to:

1) strongly protect your vulnerable

2) use early treatment as needed

3) PSA healthy living, vit D, body weight control

4) allow the vast majority of low-risk population to live free unfettered as close to normal lives as possible

These 4 are all that is needed; remember, # 1 is key, if not done, all else will fail, and remember, they have over 700 days to prepare hospitals and we gave them more than the 2 weeks or 14 days to slow the spread and we gave them billions in PEP money and equipment…so these thieves in hospitals and CEOs and govn people got all the money, and yes, I believe many stole money, we will come to learn.

China is doing it again, and I fear to drive the US to lockdown again. Dr. Ashisha Jha, Biden’s new COVID Czar, is a mask and lockdown and vaccine freak show.

China's aggressive measures have slowed the coronavirus. They may not work in other countries; Report from joint WHO-China mission takes detailed look at results of response in hardest hit country