Those involved with mRNA technology based COVID injections tell you today para 'well, it is not completely safe so we need to test it more to ensure it is safe'; that is BULL, they know it is unsafe

by Paul Alexander

& deadly, they know it should have never been brought, no amount of 'testing' of something that is already UNSAFE, then makes it SAFE; do you understand the game being played on you with language?

You cannot make something that is unsafe, then ‘safe’, because you tested it, that is bull sh*t, what you do is stop it, you stop using it, it is deadly. Your own words say so and then to say that what is needed is to test it longer? do more testing? on what? something that is already unsafe? how can you take something that is unsafe already, established, test it, just test it, and then it becomes safe? para ‘yes, you know what, that’s the problem, we just did not test it long enough.’ but it is unsafe already. you do not need to establish if it is safe anymore. we know it kills. they, you even said so.

see the game. see the language head fake game they have played on you. you think para ‘hey, they are throwing out something to help fix this’. I ask, how? they know that testing it etc. will no accomplish anything. they know all what is needed is to destroy the technology, complete.


this is all a game, a sick game of money money money, and the idiots being played are you and me and they, those involved, have even told you that you are an idiot and you like that. they can ‘ride you like a horse’, you even celebrate them. imagine that, you celebrate people who have brought you something that has and is killing you and your children. and you accept it and them. It is almost as if you enjoy being made a fool and being misled and harmed.

The joke is on you! They are just getting rich. They all are, on you, delivering harm to you en route.

All involved in mRNA technology in these injections must be investigated, all, all pharma, all, CEOs, all, everyone, investigated fully.