Tiger Woods did not listen to me! I recommended 4 back to back episodes of 'The View' to cure his sexual appetite for women, but he failed to follow the accumulating science; X-Files Duchovny

by Paul Alexander

swears by it for nymphomania for he benefitted with a 3-episode packet & was cured for life, no more interest in women, & once Whoopi & Hostin are on deck with Joy, no one thinks about sex

My sense is that Tiger needs some heavy hitters so he should focus on a 4 pack ‘back to back’ viewing that must have the three men haters named above plus Meghan McCain. Word is that package will turn male nymphomaniacs gay.

And if the aim is to generate a recluse, someone who would be hermit-like and withdraw from society altogether, then add Joy to the line up and it’s over.