Title 42 must be extended by the Biden administration; if not, 'we' the PEOPLE, we must defend our borders from invasion, peacefully, civilly, law abidingly but we do so in massive numbers, MILLIONS

by Paul Alexander

We the people, we must then plug up the border peacefully, civilly, law abidingly, no violence but we impose our massive numbers; not because you get to my border I have to take you in, NO!

Does not work that way, we have rules and laws and people who follow rules. We have to stop the illegality and the crimes that come with it. We have to be honest here, there are many, many bad people coming up in those caravans and illegal crossings. Don’t bull shit me and others and cry me a river crap, there are rapists and killers and pure bad people in there, while there will be many good. We can only do this with a system and again, not because you come to my border means I have to take you in.

We have enough of our own internal challenges (Canada, US, any nation IMO) and we have immigration for I too was an immigrant, but we ensure a system that is fair, and ONLY allows people in who come to make a better life, to not just take, to ‘add’ to the situation, to help, not to destroy, not to attack me in my own house, those who love nation, flag, respects the laws, the borders, language, our culture, our way of life, our need to be respectful of all religions yet those that are ‘safe’ and non-violent’, to defend that, to respect and to defend the constitution, who respect it, who respect our police and border agents and our military, who will respect our national anthem; and you damn well learn how to fly my flag, and who respect our native cultures and Native Americans, and peoples who sacrificed so very much and gave so much and who deserve so much, and if you cannot or have no intention to, then phuck off, get back to your hell hole. I have no other way of saying it now. Too much damage is being done to the nation, any such nation, by ruthless filthy nasty criminal people who seek only to pilfer and live off of other people and even turn around and harm them. In their house. No, enough of that.

Don’t come up in my house talking trash and smack to me and harming me. Stay where you are coming from. I will open arms and embrace and give and accept and love all and any, but you start first with what I wrote above, its not too much to ask. And you go about making a decent life, take care of your family, and raise your children, in a good governance society, and be all you can be, for this is what the US offers, and I agree with that. Then…come.