To ever think that a vaccine rollout 'outside' versus 'inside' an ongoing pandemic is the same is ludicrous; you then greatly underestimate the evolutionary capacity of virus to adapt/evolve due...

by Paul Alexander

to the evolutionary selection pressure you place on infectiousness and virulence of the virus; you then show you have no clue about complex dynamics at play; host, virus, immune vs infectious pressure

It is criminal to vaccinate children with COVID vaccines.

Children are the largest pot, reservoir of natural INNATE immunity that is critical to herd immunity and if we vaccinate our children with these non-neutralizing non-sterilizing vaccines with sub-optimal vaccinal Abs that subvert the INNATE immunity and damages the child’s INNATE immune system, then we will create a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions. Children must be left alone with these vaccines, PERIOD, there is no basis for them, and it only skews to harms. If we do not stop, we will drive very infectious variants that are also lethal. We are doing that now but a lethal one is coming. Animal reservoirs exists, many opportunities for co-infection and recombination. We are in trouble if this vaccine is not stopped! Geert is saying and I agree and I will write clearly on this soon based on what I know, that we will soon see variants that are both infectious and virulent (more lethal).

You cannot think that rolling out a vaccine in the midst of a pandemic so the virus is hitting the population (all around you) with massive infectious pressure, and your population immune response is immature and not yet developed for it needs some time e.g. a few weeks to be fully mature, so you are mounting an immune response in the population ‘while’ the pandemic is around you. Do you not think you will be subverted? Of course, for you have not yet set your battlefield and loaded your gun, so to speak. You should ONLY roll out a vaccine outside of the pandemic (e.g. we roll out failed flu vaccine (yes I said failed for flu vaccine is junk) after summer before fall, NOT in December or January when the season is ongoing) so the immune response can be built and be effective. We rolled out the vaccine DURING the pandemic and never gave the failed ineffective vaccines that were known harmful, a chance. They would have never worked in any sense, as were failed out of the box, but rolling it out during the pandemic showed these were idiotic moronic inept people running the show e.g. Fauci et al. and Bourla and Hahn and Walensky and Francis Collins. Pure dolts!

If you think vaccinating outside or inside is the same, you are making a dangerous mistake; for omicron, it must respond to the immune pressure of the sub-optimal non-neutralizing antibodies, and will mutate and evolve, for if it did nothing, if it sat back and only became lethal/virulent, it will arrive at an evolutionary dead-end; it will be eliminated, it has to adjust to become more infectious to survive;

It has to maintain an elevated level of infectiousness. It has to ensure there is constant binding of the non-neutralizing Abs at the URT to ensure infectiousness; Geert VB explains his theory that there is simultaneous binding of the same non-neutralizing Abs at the upper respiratory tract to ensure infectiousness (enhances infection), while binding to the lower respiratory tract and stopping transfection to prevent severe illness. It prevents trans-infection at the LRT. This is why there is both infectiousness in URT while preventing trans infection at the LRT (low severity/mortality). This process needs sugars/glycans to accomplish both at the same time, to allow for binding of Abs to the virus at the URT for enhanced infection, vs preventing binding to prevent virulence at the LRT (prevents transfer from the dendritic cells to susceptible cells/in one site enhances infection (URT) and in the LRT it prevents transfection); Geert advises that this needs sugars/glycans that coat 40% of the viral surface.

Geert advises the virus is in the valley of fitness, it is preparing itself for devastating next steps. With a high level of infectiousness, it is about to overcome the immune pressure from the non-neutralizing Abs.