Today, I am closer to a combined Jay Couey's 'clone' theory (possible multiple release 'signals') and Mike Yeadon's 'no virus' theory than to any wet market propaganda or even a 'lab-leak'; JJ & Mike

by Paul Alexander

have the answer and it is there, somewhere in one of those or a combination and I think we can fit JJ Couey's theory to Mike Yeadon's; do not think Yeadon is a a nut, he actually is smarter than most

This kind of stack is not for some to attack us. We are free thinking people. Right or wrong and it is never ever wrong. We can differ in opinion. But we got to put wings to our thoughts for what happened the last 3 years defy logic. And we are still far from the answers and it is left up to us to unravel what was set upon us.

And the joke is there will be idiots, I call them that who will send me a text or e-mail saying ‘Paul, you made a typo, or your were strong in your language, never focusing on content’. Now I put the phone down on them, even friends. Don’t call me and waste my time, don’t call to dog me out. You got something to add and to talk, then call. You want to wrench, don’t call.

You guys here I love. You seek the truth like me.

I think thus in some sense, there was NO virus, no pandemic, it was never a pandemic, ever, all of this was a fraud, we were fooled completely, nothing was correct! Asymptomatic transmission, equal risk of severe outcome if exposed. All of it. Everything was made up and a lie! There was NO virus, no coronavirus that caused a lethal pandemic, NO…and my thinking has evolved and I am reading and talking and studying daily! I do think there was some kind of release of something noxious, maybe even a respiratory type agent, even pathogen that was even circulating way before Feb 2020, and I do think a deliberate controlled multiple point release to give the sense that it is high infectious spreading across the world rapidly, all driven too by the fraud flawed over-cycled PCR test, the PCR test made the fraud pandemic and caused you to dive under your bed in fear. But it is and was all a lie! Complete!

I am near certain now! All we needed was common-sense. That is all. And Yeadon and Couey are over the target and I have saying this in different ways all along, and we have been talking and we will refine the theory and I think Jay’s can fit to Mike’s and I will work with them to refine it, and posit my view as above. A combination that there was no COVID virus causing any pandemic, but yes, something was deliberately released to cause panic and fear to do what it did, ‘signals’, to topple a sitting POTUS, to take freedoms, to ‘reset’. Using a PCR test cycled to 45 that would test anything as COVID positive. These beasts knew any test cycled above 24 was detecting viral dust, fragments, old coronavirus, non-infectious, non-lethal virus. In some sense 95% of the positives in 2020 and 2021 were false positives for present coronavirus. We closed schools and closed society for no reason. All of it, the asymptomatic transmission, all of it was a lie!

Maybe it was not even meant to kill, just cause illness to drive fear etc. and all the lunatic policies and abrogation of freedoms? Drive us to the vaccine yet a vaccine with poison pills? Is this really depopulation? Does the shot have something in it we are yet to realize? Would those connected to it know more? Maybe the deaths occurred as something went wrong in their plan? Maybe they did not count on the vileness of human behavior (of their own vileness) and how hospitals and CEOs of hospitals and doctors would get rabid for money and kill our parents and grand parents with the medical treatment??? Maybe.

I need a few more days of talks to refine my thinking and theory. We all can have theories. I think McCullough and Risch and Zelenko and Kory and Marik et al. did good, for there was something bad for a certain set of vulnerable people. Responded to anti virals etc. For the sick ‘low hanging’ fruit.

Wet market? No, fraud, lies.

Lab leak? No, fraud, lies.

Something else and we need to consider what. How. But this was no pandemic. Nothing about this was true. Nothing.

It is fascinating what they did to us! It was all a fraud! From virus, to pandemic, to lockdowns, to mRNA technology injections, all of it! The vaccine was a complete fraud and they, all linked to it, know it! Question is, was the mRNA technology really devised to deliver something into us? Did they damage the globe with the shot? Are there poison pills in the shot?

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I know you are just wanting answers and it may be hard to swallow but as I think more and more, I come to the conclusion that this was all a fraud, all of it.

The Age Standardised Mortality statistics for England and Wales dating back to 1941 reveal that in every year up to and including 2008, more people died per head of population than in the deadly Covid outbreak year of 2020. Of the previous 79 years, 2020 had the 12th lowest mortality rate.’