Today, we have someone running around suing anyone who questions or disagrees with him on a gene injection platform technology (mRNA) that he said he invented & which has & is killing us & we have

by Paul Alexander

doctors running around with him providing cover & he signals he will take NO questions, NONE & you want me to be silent; when the day comes that chickens develop teeth, I will be silent

Where is the love Roberto? Where is the humanity and mercy? You treat fellow scientists and doctors as enemies. Like you have one switch 2 options only, ‘suck up or enemy’….why can’t you have something in the middle like ‘honest patriot who wants to really help save lives’. Yes, can you consider that as a third option? The ones who suck up, you are down with them but once they ask a question, and raise a concern, you want to sue? And your lackies just go silent. What a bunch of madness. You are shameful. Did you get testicles when they were handing them out? Assuming you did, now put them to use. Stand up, defend your science and positions, enough about the horses, and answer some needed questions for your damn mRNA technology is killing people.

We have twisted malfeasant people at CDC, NIH, FDA and pharma still trying to force and mandate the failed COVID gene injection, having seen that once you mass vaccinate into a pandemic with sub-optimal immune pressure on the target antigen and at the same time pressure from the virus onto the population (infectious pressure), that you will get infections variants emerging and potentially, a highly virulent COVID sub-variant will eventually emerge that could be catastrophic. We thoroughly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the sub-optimal immune pressure. We failed in approaching just the ‘virus’ and not recognizing the interplay between population immunity (immune response) and the virus itself and how they feed back onto each other and drive the evolution of each other.

So with the grave issues at hand and involving your mRNA technology based gene injection platform, you will sue Breggin? Jane Ruby? You have issues with McCullough too? Stew? The list goes on and on. You won’t pull on your big boy pants and debate them or even try to address what they ask? You just sue them? This is perverse when you think about it for this is changing the very nature of scientific inquiry and discourse.

So for sure I will be silent then, but until then, until chickens and fowl develop teeth, I cannot be silent when the very same mRNA technology that is the core of the said COVID gene injection that is harming us and killing us, maybe even functioning as a binary poison (first load now to be followed by the deadly 2nd exposure), remains out there and no one is asking him the inventor, the right questions. He is not even taking questions. He is like Biden. It is actually incredible when you think about it. A lot is said but when you unpack it, it is really nothing being said. Just shows. A ring circus. Nothing of importance to us. I look on in dismay. So I cannot be silent when we have babies, children, teens, young people, middle aged, and elderly who have died due to direct or indirect exposure to the mRNA technology gene injection.

Not happening on my watch. No silence from me. Sorry. Attack me, please go ahead. Not when people are dying due to this deadly shot and mRNA technology.

And what is funny is you have those sycophants with their heads up his ass calling me, writing me saying “hey Paul, you made a typo, hey Paul, do you need to be so stern with him, hey Paul, did you need to use an expletive, hey Paul, you know his supporters will attack you blah blah blah”…as if I care. Look, I admit, there is too much material and it is beyond me to read it all and to read each thing carefully. I admit I gloss some, skim others, but I do try. My point is the censoring now is incredible for it now has entered the Freedom Movement.

This was always about saving lives to me and we are not now, we lost our ways, we are failing at it now for it has become a money making venture for most. The Freedom Movement is a farce and too many are using it to enrich themselves and doing nothing. So I will not be silent and no, I am not an English writer and when I wish to write a paper for publication, as I do have many, I will edit and spell check. Right now, I am upset, tying fast and that how I am doing it. You show yourself for you cannot deal with the content of what I write, just the typos. Typical.