Tomato flu outbreak in India (kids); was silence on monkeypox in GAYS & bisexuals, yet you the CDC et al. was silent on transmission and risk afraid to cause vapors in GAYS; read this LANCET paragraph

by Paul Alexander

speaks to the tomato outbreak expanding and now you will be sent deranged, hoping this will drive you to COVID vaccinate your child, do not do it! There is more clarity and guidance here in one hour!

My point is they, CDC and academia would not tell GAY males not to have sex or touch each other (re monkeypox) but are in 1 hour telling us all, what kids must, and must not do, re Tomato flu. What we need to assess is whether these kids were COVID vaccinated and with which vaccine, given India made a push to vaccinate late but it has (I THINK 60%). It could be that these children have weakened compromised immune systems due to the COVID vaccine that is making them susceptible to this and a broad range of other pathogen.

At this time, I have no details to give that shows it is a problem for American, Canadian kids et al. We are learning more and will update as we learn more.



“Children are at increased risk of exposure to tomato flu as viral infections are common in this age group and spread is likely to be through close contact. Young children are also prone to this infection through use of nappies, touching unclean surfaces, as well as putting things directly into the mouth. Given the similarities to hand, foot, and mouth disease, if the outbreak of tomato flu in children is not controlled and prevented, transmission might lead to serious consequences by spreading in adults as well.

Similar to other types of influenza, tomato flu is very contagious. Hence, it is mandatory to follow careful isolation of confirmed or suspected cases and other precautionary steps to prevent the outbreak of the tomato flu virus from Kerala to other parts of India. Isolation should be followed for 5–7 days from symptom onset to prevent the spread of infection to other children or adults. The best solution for prevention is the maintenance of proper hygiene and sanitisation of the surrounding necessities and environment as well as preventing the infected child from sharing toys, clothes, food, or other items with other non-infected children.”



VIRAL CLUES; Fears grow over tomato flu outbreak as health officials give first warning over symptoms