Too late, Merkel flooded Europe & set upon you your own funeral pyres, you Europe & Denmark are flooded by the wolf, raping across Europe, too late, you are being hollowed out, jihad by immigration

by Paul Alexander

They will breed you out of existence, this is why Meloni is critical to Italy, lets see, this is what Obama sought to do America and Biden is completing it, yes, the wolf is coming via Mexico, said I


You are standing up too late, but try, but you got to get tough, evict them, throw them out, for good, the wolf, they are raping your blond blue eyed girls as the wolf seeks those, thats the prize for the wolf, so girls, color your hair black, you are standing up after he is in your house? See what he did to Sweden? Rape capital of the world. Where did the Norse Viking males go? That warrior blood? Oh, I see, now they push baby strollers at midday as the women work in Denmark, sipping cafe latte as the wolf breeds them out and rape their girls and wives…Oh, I see, got it! Nough said!