'Top Biden health officials sound warning on rising covid infections': you had over 2 years and trillions $ tax payer $ to 'bend' the 2 week curve, do NOT tell us about infections rising or 'strain'

by Paul Alexander

Just do your EFF IN jobs you sell out doctors and hospitals, is it that you stole the PPE tax payer money to prepare hospitals etc.? Who did you give it to? Which family member or friend?

These crooked thieves, these high crime bandits in our governments asked for 2 weeks to bend the curve and we gave them over 2 years with trillions in $ and these beasts want to come around telling us about hospitals strained? Are you EFF IN crazy? And telling us cases rising…look, just do your eff in job or tell us who do we jail first for if hospitals are unprepared, then you stole the money…you are a high crime thief, tell us who to jail first? Which government MP or MPPs or senators or congresspersons? Which PHARMA CEOs? Which CDC, NIH, FDA officials? Which government officials benefitted from bogus crooked contracts? Who to jail?


Top Biden health officials sound warning on rising covid infections