Topol & IWASAKI, late & nonsensical: "Operation Nasal Vaccine—Lightning speed to counter COVID-19"; they do not yet understand that it's the VACCINE, stupid, not virus; STOP the vaccine & it will stop

by Paul Alexander

So they now want a nasal vaccine we told them 2 years ago IF a vaccine was needed, would have more potential to hit the nasal mucosal layer; BUT, we do not need this, COVID is OVER! STOP!

When you read these two misguided dolts, you realize they have no clue about the complex interplay between the host immune response and the virus (infectious pressure and mounting population immune pressure). It is the vaccine, stupid, it is not the virus. The virus is evading the antibodies because of the vaccinal antibodies being non-neutralizing and giving the virus infectious properties it did not prior have.


“During the first year of the pandemic, meaningful evolution of the virus was slow-paced, without any functional consequences, but since that time, we have seen a succession of important variants of concern with increasing transmissibility and immune evasion, culminating in the Omicron lineages. With that, there has been a marked falloff in the capacity for vaccinations and booster shots to block infections and transmission (2). A major unmet clinical need has arisen to block the transmission chain, prevent the frequent breakthrough infections, and achieve high levels of durable protection against severe disease, no less prevent post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC, or long COVID).”

“That has spotlighted the possibility of nasal vaccines, with their allure for achieving mucosal immunity, complementing and likely bolstering the circulating immunity achieved via intramuscular shots. A new report by Tang et al. (3) sheds considerable light on the shortcomings of mRNA vaccines for not achieving respiratory mucosal immunity against Omicron in people while also showing how well this can be accomplished with a nasal vaccine in mice.”