Toronto World Wide Trucker Rally, Ontario, Canada; Dr. Paul Alexander speaks in Toronto, Ontario March 20th, 2022, about freedoms, liberties, the Canadian Convoy and the US People's Convoy

by Paul Alexander

PHOTOS; Yes, I could not get into DC airport yesterday for a planned quick flight for COVID meetings/family health, then asked to come to Toronto so decided to go to Toronto; our own convoy blocked me

Alexander’s Toronto trucker speech March 19th 2022

I was asked to go to Toronto & entered quickly to meet & talk & left and back with the convoy

Photos (Downtown Toronto today for trucker mandate rally):

The love, the embrace in Toronto was incredible.

Here I am with Corporal Daniel Bulford today in Toronto (I am now back in Maryland with the US convoy)– Trudeau’s former Personal Sniper, who is no longer working with the PM as he did not take the vaccine, and he was arrested in Ottawa when he was helping the Ottawa convoy; I know this man, one of the greatest advocates and patriots…worked one on one with the Prime Minister.




There is always close security around us: