Total deaths per 1000 population Japan & German: tell me what you see in 2020, do you see deaths well within limit (band), yet 2021 & 2022 it is outside of limits, linking COVID gene injection to

by Paul Alexander

excess deaths? we know that lockdown lunatic policies killed, we know denial of treatment (COVID 'beds'), we know the fraud deadly vaccine & we know the medical management (sedate, ventilator) killed

Is the 5 to 15% excess mortality we especially see in highly vaccinated nations due to the vaccine? We argue YES! Combined with NPIs (lockdowns, school closures etc.), medical management (midazolam, Remdesivir, ventilator, isolation, DNR, no antibiotics etc.) , denial of treatment early on such that now and in 2021 and 2022 and now 2023 we are seeing deaths accumulate due to being far along the disease sequelae e.g. cardiac disease, cancers, diabetes etc. Did not get treatment and care when it was needed.


eugyppius: a plague chronicle
Analysis comparing Japanese and German mortality once again finds substantial spike in deaths corresponding to the mass administration of Covid vaccines
“Annual All-Cause Mortality Rate in Germany and Japan (2005 to 2022) with Focus on the Covid-19 Pandemic: Hypothesis and Trend Analyses,” is a letter in the journal Medicine and Clinical Science by Hagen Scherb and Keiji Hayashi, comparing mortality trends across these two “highly industrialised countries, which have large and ageing populations in comm…
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