"Trans golfer Hailey Davidson poised to receive LPGA tour card"; man, you are a damn man, like swimmer Lia Thomas, this is bullocks MADNESS! You are a hard back MAN, go play with MEN!

by Paul Alexander

why are women who want to transmission to men and do transition or go about changes, why are they not seeking to compete against men in high level sports? Because they are WOMEN!

Like for Bruce Jenner, no matter how many times you say it, you are a man. You may want to be a woman, but you are NOT! Do your thing but stop interfering with women, stop interfering with women athletes. They have worked hard.

Go an compete with men or other trans athletes…Hailey Davidson, go find a trans league, and golf there. You are taking advantage of the women golfers for the qualities of being male puts you at an advantage and you know it. What is wrong with the minds of these people like Thomas and Davidson?


Trans golfer Hailey Davidson poised to receive LPGA tour card