Transgender debate & hysteria is suffocating us & I think highjacked & damaged by perverted high-risk people; we must not forget the risks & harms the LGBTQ community endures & people may differ in

by Paul Alexander

beliefs, social behaviors & preferences yet at the end of the day, we are all human beings & must be our brother's keepers; this review by Mendes underscores the harms & we must say NO to this hate

I think the focus and pressing on the children and young persons by persons cavorting in the transgender name has enraged and sensitized many; I think many are just pure perverts, pedophiles even, even would be rapists given the chance, just twisted people acting out vices. IMO. The nation did not suddenly become a gay nation or one with a large swath transgender. No, this is democrat progressive political woke bullsh*t. The aim is to make you think most or many kids want to transition. Bullsh*t! The media and the discussion has surprised and shocked me.

So those swinging on poles and parading in obscene ways who IMO are simply perverts are doing a harm and parents just openly thrusting their kids that way to appear ‘tolerant’ and ‘woke’ are also doing grave harm.


We also cannot discount that it could be LGBTQ hate and crime on LGBTQ. Let me tell you, that in Toronto, an ER doctor (good friend) shared that lots of the physical violence and abuse cases they see especially late at night is women beating women and actually gay women beating their partners. I was surprised. Do not discount this fact. Yet this research is interesting and troubling.

More research is however needed to better tease out the fundaments yet it seems that this community endures harms and risks. Elevated, and this must not happen. I and you could seriously disagree with someone on any and many issues but we do not hurt or harm them. That is a crime. That is wrong and that must be dealt with by the force of law. It seems by this data and we need more data and urgently, and that transgender are the principle victim. Is the data correct? Is it transgender on transgender? It could be too.

They appear to not know the perpetrator yet allowed them into their homes. This is one clue that transgender must exercise, do not allow persons into your home as they may be dangerous and hateful.

As a nation an urgent discussion is needed and IMO, if trangender is a legitimate issue, minimal yet legitimate, real, then in the current political woke leftist madness era, it is highjacked for political means. It is harming them and harming people. So leaders must step up urgently to drive and guide serious debate. This has to stop. There must be no hate on any group, even if you disagree. We are a good governance society. I do think too that lockdowns damaged people emotionally and socially as well as the face masks. It has damaged our ability to see each other as human beings and brothers and sisters in this life struggle. People have become near animals to each other. It has to stop. We have a generation of children to raise and they are only seeing madness, them too harmed by the Fauci and Birx and Azar and Francis Collins lockdowns.

Be warned and it is not too late, let us step back and have the discussions needed. Let us find the right people in government and leaders who can help heal and calm fears and take us back to some normalcy, or semblance of it. Let us not be hateful. I am not a LBGTQ yet have friends who are and they are just like you and I. I do not hate them. As long as you do not interfere with my kids or me etc. I really do not care if you sleep with your chickens and horses. I do not. Right now, we have people parading and behaving in obscene ways in the so called transgender community (or identifying as trans), that frightens people and it confuses me too. Why the extreme sexualized behaviour? Yes, what is in the media is concerning. Especially for our children. It is like the gay parade when men stand on their floats nude. How do you think you would be mainstramed or get respect? You would not. Get your act in order. You behave in a civilized society in a civilized manner. You do not need be extreme and crazy to get your point across or to have a good time.

At times the trans behavior and advocates and IMO crazies, is outraging for they are seemingly damaging children with their gender surgeries and drugs (puberty blockers etc.) that have no science or evidence to underpin yet could and are having devastating consequences. We have teens now killing themselves wanting to go back and they cannot, after removing breats etc. It is tragic. Again, a serious debate is needed.

Leake writes: “The authors found that the majority of these crimes were gruesome vignettes of one-on-one homicides using knifes or other weapons and had all the features of hate crimes—many times the perpetrator and the victim knew one another. Mendes concluded that homicide is an important contributor to all-cause mortality in the LGBT population particularly among the highest risk subpopulation, transgender men. Clearly more research is needed into the sociopathology surrounding this growing cohort around the world.”


Sixteen studies were included in the review of the risks in LGBTQ.’

‘Homicides tended to involve a single victim and single perpetrator and occur at the victim's residence or in public locations. Victims were more likely to be older than the perpetrator and offenders were usually unknown to the victim. Transgender people were the most affected group and most of the victims in this group were aged under 30 years. The findings of this review confirm that LGBT homicides may be considered "hate crimes" and that victims are generally killed with firearms or non-firearms, beaten to death or suffocated.’

See Leake’s take on this issue and I commend and I took tone and decided to write my own views:

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