TRANSGENDER madness! This is one of the greatest threats we face in America, in the west with this 'woke' psychopathy; you best wake up! The plan is to supplant 'real' women with this sickness, rapist

by Paul Alexander

men with penises, pedophiles IMO, these men swinging on poles with their balls hanging out for our children to see due to 'woke' 'tolerant' sick parents! This is sickness! Pure filth!

These beasts are trying to transform society and tell you and make you accept that ‘sex’ or ‘gender’ is a social construct meant to oppress. That your ‘sex’ does not matter. If you are genetically biologically a male or female it is of no consequence. It’s just a ‘construct’ that is man-made. What bullshit garbage and we let the freak-in-chief Bruce (a man with a penis) Jenner get too much airtime. Jenner is just a gay man who likes gay anal sex but was afraid to admit that so be pretends to be a woman so in the gay relationship he can still have anal sex. Why did Bruce not just stand up and say what he likes etc. We let the other freak man Lia Thomas get into the pool and defeat real women swimmers and now he has so much game, he is talking smack to women, telling real women off. Can you imagine the stones on this guy and he does have stones, to attack real women?

Who knows? Maybe there are people confused by their gender. Maybe. And they need psychological help etc. Why not? Yet why must societies transform to accomodate this new ‘third’ gender that has no biological basis?


The transgender emperor has no clothes so women, fight back, stand up. Relegate the transgender freaks to the thrash heaps of history.

This is a societal attack by madness that the left, RINOs, Big Tech media companies, the deranged legacy media, sick deranged progressives and people and many in power and Hollywood, Big Pharma, and many in government agenices are subjecting us to. They are trying to mainstream this perversion and madness. It is harmful to our children as the puberty blocking drugs and surgeries are catastrophic, have no medical basis, and many who do (especially young kids and teens deranged by their sick parents) it now are suicidal as they want to reverse the damage.

Time to take a serious stand women and say NO! No effin way you can come up in here and erode the decades of our struggle, you freaks you!