Transgender woman who impregnated 2 inmates removed from N.J.’s female prison; do you know why? because the transgender woman involved is a hard a*s MAN! This was a man placed in a women's prison

by Paul Alexander

No, it is not a transgender woman! It is a man! Now why would they put a transgender man in a women prison? Are these people so stupid? that stupid? is this textbook INSANITY?

I tread lightly yet I am about to pull all the hair out of my phucking head when I read this.

Unless I am mistaken, this transgender ‘woman’ is a man! With a penis unless he slung it off already in surgery. He may have and it is his right, pardon me if he slung it off already. Forgive me as I am not up to steam on how this is being handled. No doubt his preference, as you may chose to do with your willie what you want. But if you retained the willie, then you are a man and who in their right mind would place you, a man, no matter what you call yourself, in a women’s prison? Like locking a kid in a candy shop overnight telling them do as they wish. Perverse as it sounds but this is what they did. They put a wolf in a pack of rabbits. What in God’s name did they think Mr. Willie would do?


Transgender woman who impregnated 2 inmates removed from N.J.’s female prison

“A transgender inmate who impregnated two women while incarcerated at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women has been moved to a new facility, according to the Department of Corrections.”

“Last year, two Edna Mahan prisoners filed a class-action lawsuit seeking to immediately remove “any and all male pre-operative transgender inmates,” alleging that some had harassed them and engaged in sexual contact with other women.”

DUH! You think?

Trans woman moved from women only prison after impregnating 2 inmates complains new facility is 'hell'