Transgenderism & gender sterilization surgeries, puberty blockers, breast removal & genital removal in young children: in my opinion, if you are a doctor or parent or teacher or guardian & encourage

by Paul Alexander

& ensure this is done to a child, to extent that they cannot consent & cannot properly weigh benefits versus harms, that they are unable to consent yet you do this, you should be fined $ & imprisoned

I would call on the courts to investigate you and hold proper hearings and impose the strictest punishments up to life in prison with hard labor; IMO, you must be punished to the harshest extent of the law (whatever the judges decide & even if legal US judges decide beyond life imprisonment) for you are destroying the lives of children; doctors should be imprisoned for this, licenses stripped for life! All their monies stripped away!

For each suicidal child and those who take their lives in regret over this woke MADNESS!