Transgenders transvestites are now ruling the feminists & bigtime! Women are routinely singled out by idiotic trans activist students Students should be testing their ideas and worldview.

by Paul Alexander

Instead they’re discovering that free speech has become a one-way street; This whole “culture war’ is nothing more than misogyny and the targeting of the women daring to question transgender ideology.

How does a ‘real’ woman get any airtime these days? Is it over for feminism and the ‘woman’?

‘It is surely undeniable that unions – those representing both students and staff – care more about the “rights’ of trans people than those of women. Women are routinely de-platformed and face protests when invited to speak on campus. 


Kathleen is due to speak at Oxford University at the end of the month, and the blue-fringed protestors have been out in force ever since the event was announced. As soon as anyone utters the word “transphobia’, the powers-that-be capitulate in a sickening way, throwing fine feminists such as Kathleen to the wolves.

The university’s LGBTQ+ society has released a statement condemning the union for the invitation, accusing Stock of being a “transphobic and trans-exclusionary speaker”. Additionally, and quite remarkably, the society accused the union of ignoring the welfare of its members under the guise of free speech. The Oxford Union has since said it will provide “welfare resources” to students given the “sensitive nature” of the occasion. A porn performer recently took part in an event at the university despite the fact that some women might find this offensive or triggering, and I have no problem with that.


This whole “culture war’ is nothing more than misogyny and the targeting of the women daring to question transgender ideology. Kathleen has been targeted since the publication of her book Material Girls – a feminist treatise on the material reality of biological sex.

“LGBTQ+” would be more accurately termed “GBTQ+” on campus. The trans activists have such sway over academics and other staff that many turn to putty as soon as the term “transphobe” is uttered. In a place where young people’s ideas and worldviews should be challenged and put to the test, this is a tragedy.

A few years back I was invited to a university in the US to debate a men’s rights activist on the theme of “Has feminism gone too far?” My opponent was reportedly in favour of criminalising abortion and decriminalising “date rape”. Astonishingly, the pickets on campus focused on me, not him. The LGBTQ+ caucus objected to my presence on the basis that I was so transphobic I would trigger suicidal ideation among transgender students.

The students had already done their very best to have me disinvited from the event. When that failed, the university set up a “safe space” in a teaching room on the other side of campus. There were trained counsellors on site, the room was littered with soft toys, and there were even a couple of dogs and cats brought along. I was told by someone who had popped in to observe that the walls were strewn with “affirmative statements” such as “trans women are women” and “non-binary identities are valid”.

Then there was the time at Essex university, when I was debating whether or not porn was harmful to women. My opponent was seemingly given a warm welcome by a sea of students totally uninterested in my track record of fighting for women’s rights and obsessed with my reputation as a “transphobe”.

In June 2019, I was invited to give a talk on male violence at the University of Edinburgh as part of a panel looking at women’s sex-based rights and the current threats to those rights. On entering the university, I and the other speakers were treated to a huge protest of students (and some staff) draped in pink and blue trans flags, shouting through loudhailers that we were all bigots.  

This latest attack on Kathleen Stock is an attack on the very foundations of a democratic society, not just on freedom of speech. The hounding of women and the attempts to exclude us from universities will badly affect students who do wish to learn. Giving in to students seeking to banish uncomfortable truths from elite places of learning will produce nothing but robots programmed to chant mantras – while their brains rot from underuse.’