Treven Ball, do not forget this 10 year old: "10-Year-Old Dies Unexpectedly Days After Fulfilling Dream of Playing Football Under Lights"; we await more details but there are whispers of the 'V' word

by Paul Alexander

He is 10 and just suddenly dies, he was athletic, and had no medical conditions...what we have done to children is criminal and Fauci and Bourla and Bancel and CDC must one day sit in a DOCKET


A 10-year-old Indiana boy died Tuesday in his mother’s arms while being transported by ambulance to Memorial Hospital in Jasper.

Treven Ball, of French Lick, Indiana, loved football and played on the Springs Valley Schools youth team in his hometown. The 10-year-old reportedly wanted to practice more to become the best player he could. He recorded a memorable moment the week before he died when his team played a game under the lights for the first time. His first game was, unfortunately, also his last.