Trofim Lysenko would blush, in all his Stalin madness with his Lysenkoism, at the madness, the INSANITY of what Trump's Task Force & Biden's health officials did to cause deaths; DeSantis said NO!

by Paul Alexander

I have never blamed Trump and never will, nor do I blame Biden, I blame the criminals, the inept corrupted thieves & crooks who worked for them, it is their policies, I want them imprisoned! All!

They are coming at me hard trying to scare me into submission, to shut me up, to threaten with money, to cancel me. Imagine these idiots, trying to cancel one of the persons who started the Freedom movement. Sit back, enjoy. It will be a hot summer for them. I shall make it so. They are just angry I figured out they are no different than the other sick side of malfeasants we are fighting. I am up to the task.

Now back to the issue at hand. Some say DeSantis understood the science and ‘got’ it, others say it was politics, yet I say he knew the science and worked to inform himself, and he showed more steel stones than most in government and is matched only by people like Noem. Women with gonads of steel like Lake. However you wish to look at it, Floridians benefitted.

So hat-tip for Ron and it is my hope that he finishes his term and polishes nice and good to continue the justice and accountability Trump will deliver in his 2nd term, and the house cleaning of DC, the White House, the fumigation that is needed. Props to Ron. Good pick in Joe, constrained no doubt by politics, but doing a job way better than imagined and most could do. Brilliant technical individual.