Trudeau and Dr. Jordan Peterson: Trudeau & his pusillanimous feckless government are waging jihad on Peterson, demanding 're-education' else his license be stripped! If I were him, tell them keep it!

by Paul Alexander

What a bunch of psychos, what a deplorable place under Trudeau, and to have people with 5 shots out of their ars*s thinking they got 'game' not getting it that the joke's on them, Trudeau screwed them

Don’t these woke morons not see that Peterson is laughing at them, you fools, you make him more famous and he is already way smarter than all of you combined, with a combined IQ of 5; he does not care, shove your license. You Trudeau have the police and military vaccine injured with your vaccine mandates and there will be police and military officers who will die, not ‘if’, they ‘will’ die due to the COVID mandated gene injection.