Trudeau, did you thank you Uncle Sam USA for helping evacuate from Sudan? Did you say 'thank you USA for your kindess & help while I woffled & focused on my socks matching & transgender'? No

by Paul Alexander

you did not and we expected that! Peter Menzies is 100% accurate as he discusses Canada’s Descent Into Military Penury and Ungrateful Freeloading, this, as a pure disgrace

Why is Canada so ungrateful to Uncle Sam for time and again, pulling it out?

Peter Menzies: Canada’s Descent Into Military Penury and Ungrateful Freeloading Is a Disgrace

‘French Armed Forces personnel load belongings of evacuees onto a plane at the airport in Khartoum, Sudan, on April 23, 2023. (French Armed Forces via AP).


Americans—and everyone else—have every right to laugh us off the world stage.’

‘Flying low over the desert at night, their helicopters’ lights out, U.S. Navy Seals zipped in and out of Khartoum on April 23 to safely extricate their diplomats from a country on the edge of destruction.

The United Kingdom pulled off a similar operation, while countries such as France, Germany, Spain, and Italy have also worked to evacuate their people safely from the capital of Sudan, where government troops are under attack from paramilitary insurgents.

Hitching a ride with the Seals were six Canadian diplomats. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced via Twitter only that “our diplomats are safe—they have been extracted” and that the country’s military is “planning for various contingencies with partners.”

He did not say thank you/merci America. Which, I’m guessing, most Americans would find really irritating. Were I an American I’d be sick and frickin’ tired of having to cover the costs of a country more than ready to righteously lecture the world on  diversity, inclusion, intersectional equity, climate emergencies, systemic racism, and patriarchal oppression, but too intellectually and financially lazy to properly defend itself and its people.

I’d find it alarming that a country with whom the USA shares its longest border has admitted that when it comes to carrying its military weight as a NATO partner, America can just forget about it. Not gonna happen. We ain’t gonna do it. Just not interested.

According to leaked documents obtained by the Washington Post, Trudeau has “told NATO officials privately that Canada will never meet the military alliance’s defence-spending target,” which is 2 percent of GDP—something Canada last agreed to in 2014 and which will be discussed again in July. NATO estimates Canada’s current contribution rate at 1.29 percent. While the report couldn’t confirm this was the case, the leaked document contained dates that indicate Trudeau’s remarks were recent and could have been made in conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden during his visit to Ottawa in March.

For context, only seven out of NATO’s 30 members have met or exceeded the 2 percent target (the U.S. spends 3.57 percent), but when it comes to military loafing, only Spain (about the size of the Yukon), Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Belgium (which would all fit comfortably inside half of Nova Scotia) are more half-hearted in their efforts than the Great White North.

We haven’t fulfilled our NATO promise to bolster our deployment in Latvia, and in Poland, where Canadians are training Ukrainian soldiers, Trudeau’s government has failed to properly reimburse its own soldiers, who are forced to buy their own meals. Even Turkey is worried about us.

We supply tanks to Ukraine almost one at a time because nearly all of ours have been insufficiently maintained and aren’t operational…’