Trudeau: it is these two statements that gives us the fire inside to wage a battle against this insanity; this Prime Minister forced these ineffective deadly COVID injections on our police & military

by Paul Alexander

Today, many of our police & military in Canada walk around vaccine injured, they just do not know it yet, it is coming, sadly, due to him & his inept specious public health PHAC & HC officials

Every lockdown, school closure, mask mandate, every single COVID policy failed in Canada, federally and provincially and at a city level, under the threats of the most inept, illogical, incompetent, moronic, craven, irrational, specious, non-sensical, unsound and idiotic public health officials at PHAC and Health Canada, and at the provincial level with Doug Ford’s Science Table. What a complete bunch of egg heads, just purely inane and vacuous ding dong people who preen as if they are knowledgeable on anything they have said for 2 years, especially those idiots Juni, Fisman, Boddash (not sure how to spell his name but a pure idiot in epidemiology), Williams and Kieran. I notice many of them are running scared and resigning.

Preserve all documents, we will be coming back to each and everyone of you for future legal proceedings. We wish to examine each death under you due to your policies and account for every tax payer dollar. We want to see whom among you and your family and friends got rigged bogus corrupted contracts using COVID relief money, PPE money.

I will stop there. Did I miss any adjectives to tell you what I think of the ass h**es in the public health agencies in Canada? Did I? I feel so hurt for our precious police at all levels, and our military for there will be deaths to come due to being forced to take the injections and this Prime Minister should feel ashamed for doing this to healthy people when he took 4 shots and masked and all and he still got infected. It is so funny yet we have to cry about this. He should be ashamed about the risks he has incurred on our nurses who will pay a price in time to come. All the federal employees who bought into the scam and took the injection. They will be harmed. I am so very sorry.

Let us pretend and assume the following were indeed vaccinated. We have Newsom, Fauci, Trudeau etc., these so called ‘leaders’, all infected after 4 shots (boosters) and even antivirals as they do not trust the injections even as they rush to take antivirals, it is so ludicrous; with repeated reimmunization and treatment, double boosted and likely Paxlovid rebounded. What can I say, yet these ding dongs are quick to run to the podium and tweet telling us the injections saved them. What idiots! They are dangerous and reckless still shilling for these failed and harmful jabs. Can one be that stupid?