Trudeau: socialist dictator Trudeau who set imported enforces on peaceful Canadian truckers & protestors, beat them, jailed them, talks about Iranian people right to free expression; WEASEL Tyrant

by Paul Alexander

I was there, I saw what Trudeau did and we will never forget & even after office, we must investigate him for what he did to the trucker convoy & all his COVID policies that harmed & killed, Tam, Njoo

We must never forget the name ‘Trudeau’. Always peaceful, civil, law abiding, but we take him into court and punish him for what he did, let the law deal with him, let us punish him and his party at the ballot box. Don’t be fooled, they are all the same.

Here is a guy who fondles women yet talks about it that he is sorry for her misunderstanding what he was doing and we must give her room to have her voice, that’s the bollocks, that’s the fraud, this black face Prime Minister, racist he is.


Tyrant Trudeau Sends His Support to Iranian Freedom Protesters After Trampling Peaceful Canadian Seniors on Horseback #SitDownJustin