TRUDEAU versus Rogan; Joe Rogan calls Trudeau gov’t ‘communist,’ urges Canadians to ‘get rid of that guy’; “Canada is communist… They gotta get rid of that guy [Trudeau],” Rogan told fellow comedian

by Paul Alexander

Tom Segura on a July 14 podcast. “I liked him before the pandemic… I was like...confident, good talker,’ and then during the pandemic I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re a … dictator!”

I don’t always agree with Joe but on this I do FULLY, big balls Joe and Joe should know the PM of Canada was not elected, he is the leaders of the liberal party and in the corrupted British Westminster system of government, that the US rightly fought to shed, the leader of the lead party (most MP seats in the elections) is the PM…this guy got a few votes in a small riding he belongs to that he won, a few thousand…Canadians never did vote nor never will vote him as PM…he does not have the support of the nation, alike how Doug Ford the sellout Ontario Premier got elected with 17% of the vote…imagine that, 17%….it’s the corrupted party that did that…note, the party can remove him as PM overnight, as they did Boris.

Every single COVID policy approved by Trudeau (and Doug Ford and the premiers), hurt the Canadian people, killed many. Many are vaccine injured today and do not yet know it. Will in time. I pray daily for our Canadian police and military, as I do for the US’s. We will lose many in time due to these harmful vaccines, as auto-immune disease is booked. Many epidemics loom, due to the compromised immune systems at the hands of the fraud vaccine.

‘Outlining how his opinion of Trudeau changed, Rogan mentioned that earlier this year the prime minister “tried to shut down criticism” by saying that all his “critics are misogynists and racists.” 

“The truckers… he called them all misogynists and racists… He’s gross. He’s a sketchy guy,” the comedian concluded.’  


Joe Rogan calls Trudeau gov’t ‘communist,’ urges Canadians to ‘get rid of that guy’