Trudeau wore Blackface, denigrating Black people, fondles a woman & denies it, throws minority women under the bus. Now he says Dr. Leslyn Lewis is racist for meeting a sitting EU MP; is he an idiot?

by Paul Alexander

Whose blackness is real in the photo below? Is Justine Trudeau a black man? I who have black heritage found Trudeau to be racist and demeaning in his past actions & there were many

This PM calls an authentic black woman racist, this Trudeau pretending to be black…see how deranged the place is now. and you know what, there are some idiotic Canadians, leftist freaks who will buy that and believe him. The same ones walking around with an IV bag pole with 24/7 COVID injection drips.

I voted for him first time, then never again for his COVID policies federally killed thousands, thousands died due to Trudeau’s lockdown lunatic decisions guided by the 2 most stupid inept moronic public health officials Tam and Njoo, and Ontario faced the lunatic idiot himself Doug Ford and not to be outdone, Alberta had Jason ‘sell out’ Kenney. What a car of misfits and clowns.