Trudeau's feet, lay dead children bodies at Trudeau's feet; when CMOH Kieran Moore, Ontario, asinine, inept as he is, expanded booster eligibility kids 5 -11 years, it's really Trudeau & Ford's orders

by Paul Alexander

So there will be healthy children whose parents have heads so high up their asses after 2.5 years & still fall for the fraud, that they will vaccinate & KILL their child; many will die due to boosters

Lay your dead child post COVID vaccine at the feet of Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford of Ontario, and this dolt Kieran Moore. Right there.

CMOH Kieran Moore of Ontario has no data, no science, no evidence that shows healthy normal children need and needed any of these COVID shots. Never did and never will. He continues to lie and deceive you in Ontario. He is a fraud and IMO engaging in criminal actions that will harm healthy children. I challenge him to debate me publicly and allow it to be filmed and televised openly. I challenge Peter Jüni of The Science Table and the other moron, the top dog idiot in chief Bogoch and the other moron Fisman, three of the most inept nonsensical absurd so called ‘scientists’, only rivalled by Njoo and Tam of PHAC. What a quintet of utter dolts. Dimwits. Dangerous people who hurt Canadians. I call on them, name place and time, and bring your entire agencies and debate me on all things COVID, lockdowns to vaccine. Bring thousands of your inept employees who stood by and followed you nutballs! For salary. For ego, for fame, for careers. They are failures! History will record them as such!

These people have risked the lives of our military, our police and law enforcement, our border agents, our nurses, our bravest of front line people who risk lives. They are the best among us. Our police and military are vaccine injured and do not YET know what they face in time. This is devastating what was done to our military and police, we have set them up for a life time of disaster. I lay it at the feet of the Prime Minister.

This recent statement now by the Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore, is so very reckless and dangerous, has no scientific basis, has no need, and IMO he is criminal to do this, for children will die due to these gene shots. I do not know how many. But it is booked.

So I say, when your child dies due to the COVID fraud gene injection that you Kieran know is ineffective and not properly safe, you know it, you know exactly what you and Trudeau are doing, so when healthy normal children die needlessly post boosters etc., and you as parents knew your child was well and no health issues and you went and gave them the shot, I am suggesting to parents, need not follow what I say, but I suggest you gather your dead child due to your decision in part (as it is you who made the decision), gather their body, and take it to the Prime Minister’s residence and Kieran’s home, and won’t get past security and rightly so, but lay down your dead child at the gates of the Prime Minister’s residence and ask the RCMP there to call Trudeau and when he peeps out of the window for you know he ain’t gots the stones (any stones) to come face you, when he peeps out, scream out to him “Respectively Mr. Prime Minister, with all respects to the Office of the Prime Minister I stand here with humility, and I just want to talk to you Mr. Prime Minister, I did what you mandated, what you forced on us, and now injected my child, and now she is dead, after living 7 years of a healthy life, but she died 2 days post shot, so what am I supposed to do now, Mr. Prime Minister, tell me, tell me Sir for my child has died because I followed your threatening demands. This is my dead child Sir, I humbly stand here, asking you now to tell me what should I do”?

I am asking parents that if your child was healthy and normal and you gave the shot and they died and you know it’s the shot, take the dead bodies to the Prime Minister’s residence and lay them down. Do not leave until the Prime Minister comes out and tells you and shows you the evidence he had in his possession to support the shots in your healthy statistical zero risk children, that the fraudster corrupt, inept, incompetent, duplicitous health officials Theresa Tam and Howard Njoo must have given him and told him about, for we have seen none, but assume he has it, and do not leave until you see it so that you would know the Prime Minister was acting on solid scientific evidence. Be prepared to wait the balance of your living life on earth though, before you see that evidence for there is none!


“Protocols around COVID-19 are loosening in Ontario, with the province’s top doctor announcing a shortened window for isolation after testing positive for the virus.

At a news conference on Wednesday to announce expansion of booster eligibility for kids between the ages of five and 11”.

Phil Harper’s stack reminds us of a key seminal paper by Doshi et al. The important point to consider is that this showed us adverse effects of the vaccines in adults, I and we are saying same will emerge in children. Worse.

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