Trump 2024: Devastating mRNA technology gene injection harms & deaths so Trump must declare that he would in his 1st hour i) sign executive order (EO) reversing liability protection & make RETROACTIVE

by Paul Alexander

ii) sign EO implementing immediate COVID victim lockdown & vaccine compensation fund (for those damaged) iii) sign EO for dedicated medical treatment facilities for vaccine injured iv) investigate all

POTUS Trump MUST be willing to and get to the place of admitting that he trusted Fauci and Francis Collins and Azar and Birx et al. and made the COVID decisions based on assuming he was given best counsel from them. Him being a non-scientist. Yet he must call them out and say that he was deceived by them (as he was) and they lied to him and mislead him and that he is very sorry and will commit the rest of his living years to make Americans ‘whole’ again. And that he will work to ensure all who lied and deceived him are held accountable to the maximal extent. He must do this. It is imperative. We must get to assess the harms long term from the vaccines, so proper surveillance systems must set up.

I do not blame him, yet I am dismayed that he continues to praise the lockdowns and gene vaccine that has killed people. I give him room to explain that and I will not pre-judge him. IMO, this is a good man, non-malevolent, a good man, an American loving person, loves flag, nation, borders, police, anthem, constitution, his peoples, who wanted to do best for his peoples. His entire nation. I believe he can go down as the greatest POTUS (save Abe and George) with a 2nd term to finish what he started and to take Washington and the malfeasants down to the studs. Only he has the goods to do what needs to be done next.

Trump did for black Americans as an example, more in one year (his 3rd year for you must remove years 1 and 2 that Paul ‘Benedict Arnold’ Ryan destroyed and the 4th is COVID) than Obama and Biden did in 8 years and the congressional black caucus failed to do in decades in power. Trump’s accomplishments must be judged across one year, his 3rd and then you understand what he did.

In ensuring these above as I named them that he must do in the first hour of re-election, POTUS Trump once re-elected (and I am fully behind him and want him to have a 2nd term as I feel he is the only person who can do what needs to be done in America to reverse what the globalists and Biden et al. and RINOs and deepstate and putrid fecal, banal, feral, bottom-dweller low-life legacy CNN et al. media (and FOX News at times) and the unseen ‘hand’ are doing and have done to rape and destroy America)), must ALSO drive towards proper legal investigations and tribunals with courts and judges (proper legal forums and judges), to investigate all who used COVID to make money (who benefitted & including medical doctors) and take lives. Many innocent people died due to their actions and policies and for that, we need justice and accountability, as long as it takes. We must become the COVID hunters.

We must strip them (all proven wrong doers) of all their money ill gotten (use RICO etc.), after legal investigations and courts prove these, and imprison them, and no matter who and if you ‘know’ them. We need real jail time and fast! We allow the judges and courts to decide on how maximal the punishment will be. Even death penalty must be on the table as per judges rulings.

Over to you POTUS Trump, soon to be re-elected! Remember, we want this in your 1st hours after putting that hand on the bible!