Trump 2024! Why? No one on deck could rise to challenge of what America & world faces! That is key, he is best equipped! He has to fix the wrongs of COVID & mRNA-DNA OWS injections; 4 key must haves!

by Paul Alexander

i)EO ending retroactively PREP Act liability protections ii)EO establishing victim compensation fund iii)EO providing medical care (free) to anyone harmed (also military) iv)surveillance systems

COVID and all about it has been a multi-headed hydra, with poison pill after poison pill. The fraud mRNA technology and DNA shots have been vicious to the public, visiting harms and death.

The 4 key must haves from POTUS Trump and one hour after swearing in are (centering our military and police and border agents etc. who have been harmed by the mRNA technology gene injections, yet applicable to all Americans):



‘Under the PREP Act, a qualified person is a covered person. Except for willful misconduct, a covered person is immune from lawsuits and liability under federal and state law with respect to all claims for loss resulting from the administration or use of a covered countermeasure, such as a COVID-19 vaccine, if they meet criteria stated in a declaration under the PREP Act issued for the health emergency or threat and covered countermeasure.’

IMO, it was criminal to give the vaccine makers and all health agencies etc. liability protection. They must face the courts for many were harmed by their actions from lockdowns to COVID vaccines.


EO establishing a victim compensation fund to make ‘whole’ anyone harmed by the US govn’s COVID ‘countermeasures’ (spanning lockdowns to COVID vaccines)


EO invoking the Veteran Administration or similar, standing it up, to provide medical care (free of charge) to anyone harmed by the collateral effects of lockdowns and business closures and school closures etc. and all the way to the COVID gene injections (countermeasures)


EO standing up an adverse effects surveillance system to gather safety data following vaccination; in fact for all ‘countermeasures’; the key is to gain a proper understanding of where the harms reside so that proper care can be targeted for people in need.

POTUS Trump must consider these 4 and implement them.

IMO, if a Democrat or another republican comes along who can do these 4, along with hands off our guns and end the fraud phony carbon credits environmental ‘money grab’ green crap, then they got my vote. Of course, must be law and order and respect and uphold my borders, flag, anthem, constitution, right to practice our faith, supports our police and military, focus on family (nuclear) and end this transgender insanity, things like that, then they got my vote and I will help them. But there is none and I do not need them be perfect. But must check these America loving boxes.

I think Trump is the one for 2024! I am on the Trump train! No one is perfect.