Trump aka '45' will debate, he is their father, he will punish them all and he will win, he will be the next POTUS! and he is coming for blood this time, figurative but this time his vengeance will

by Paul Alexander

be played out & we need it, mandingo RAMBO PUNISHER up in DC now, to take CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS down to studs, burnt down to the floor, put all these health officials & alphabet agency people on Alcatraz

300 miles north of Anchorage, place them in the most inhospitable work locations, let them have to hunt for food, they got too fat and lazy and incompetent on tax payer money, filthy inane inept putrid people, many of them, some good, I know some good ones but most filthy, don’t even shower….they wreak in the workplace, I smelt them in DC…nearly gagged! British people who really don’t bath smelt better!