Trump at CPAC: "I am your retribution" yes, yes, this is why I like him, it is ONLY he who has the type of vengeance & retribution needed now, I know it; we will defend ourselves, with his leadership

by Paul Alexander

& punish the malfeasants, in his past administration and current Biden's, all who did wrong that killed Americans with the COVID fraud, from lockdowns to vaccines; America FIRST!

Trump train for me; I am convinced people are going to jail and worse for the crimes they committed in COVID. I am. Trump will ensure that. The issue is who do we elect that could give us the accountability and justice needed? That vengeance to ensure harsh punishment is dispatched. This is how we must think. It is not who you ‘like’. No, it is about vengeance this time, retribution, jailing, accountability and I will do all I could to ensure POTUS Trump carries these out, within the prescribed laws of this the greatest nation.