Trump best be careful; Biden & pharma & CDC & FDA & NIH will pin vaccine failure & deaths on him; Biden & his govn will; be careful Trump; stand up now and denounce the killer vax, NONE for kids

by Paul Alexander

I know soon, they are running away from it now and fast, so next they will, including Biden admin and all involved, including HAHN, will blame Trump; he has to cover himself NOW, tell the truth

I am talking about someone that I know cared for and cares for the nation and its people; a good man; we all have our own views…this is a good human being and was devastatingly mislead and misguided by demons he placed around him and Pence placed around him…very bad decision making. I call it as it is. But a good man, no evil in the heart.

But he must now say what we all knew and know that the vaccines were failed out the box and there was fraud by the pharma and FDA, we are telling you POTUS Trump, they will hang this on you; this vaccine IMO is a bona fide biological weapon delivered unto a US population and world…time will show…I have been on record saying this is a killer vaccine; none for children, you must call for it to stop NOW, you will be blamed soon…thats next step…once insurance and banks and money people start losing and running away, you must act, they will crucify you POTUS Trump….

They will blame you Sir, now it is time to separate yourself and tell us what we know that Fauci and Birx conspired to mislead you, they all did, to fool you and mislead, and that the lockdowns failed and hurt thousands, killed thousands…do not say lockdowns worked, they never did…you were fooled Sir and it is a failure but you must stand up now, and say vaccines must be stopped now.