Trump did not understand the greatest threats to his presidency were already sitting 'INSIDE THE HOUSE'; they were with him already, the threats were already 'in the house', threats to us!

by Paul Alexander

That they could drive us, scare us, terrorize us into giving up our freedoms & rights, for the PROMISE of safety when they (Fauci & Birx & Bourla) that the lockdowns would fail and vaccine would fail

And that we could only get back our freedom, if we took a vaccine that by their, the vaccine manufacturer’s) own data, was ineffective, could not stop infection, replication, or transmission, was non-sterilizing and could not cut the chain of transmission and would only drive more and more infectious variants, and was harmful (as per the court ordered document dumps)…they knew…they lied and must be punished for this with real financial penalties and jail.