Trump gutted: When you read exchange between Trump & the reporter, & what was just stated by Fauci, you now understand, POTUS Trump did not even know they were fileting him, from INSIDE the HOUSE

by Paul Alexander

Fauci read it, as 'the small print here' as if the malfeasant, the lockdown lunatic, this madman, was not the one that helped write the text; TRUMP did not understand they just doomed his presidency

Yes, this was orchestrated masterfully, just just did not know it was a play unfolding with those Task Force members gutting him live on national global television. They read (Fauci) the lockdown lunacy order, Trump said we are not there yet. Someone just did not tell him yet.

Listen to Fauci and these criminals on that stage as they gutted and served up POTUS Trump, he did not know they just ended his presidency, they were toppling him from inside:



Now read Trump’s response, he did not know what they just said for he was distracted or was he? Clearly he stated opposite to what Fauci just stated as Fauci just stated we are moving into massive sweeping lockdown, Trump said we are not there yet…

The exchange went as follows: 

Reporter: So Mr. President, are you telling governors in those states then to close all their restaurants and their bars?

Trump: Well we haven’t said that yet.

Reporter: Why not?

Trump: We’re recommending but-

Reporter: But if you think this would work.

Trump: … we’re recommending things. No, we haven’t gone to that step yet. That could happen, but we haven’t gone there yet.