TRUMP had VLAD under control, somehow; and thats how you measure Biden's foreign policy success, or lack of it, by the invasion of UKRAINE; under which POTUS did it happen? the case of Kim Yo Jong

by Paul Alexander

My friend Alex's take in two well written stacks; I like his thinking, provocative & deep; I talk routinely with him on global politics & this UKRAINE issue, he is prescient, deep KGB Putin knowledge

Hey little sister Kim Yo Jong, what did you say? Come again please, I did not quite get that.

Its not if Biden will respond, its if he signals that he would, even if we cant and wont…we must not…ever….but thats the needle to thread and alarmingly, we dont have the depth and gravitas and gonads on deck now to do it…to signal that strength and Vlad knows it. To actually signal potently that you would respond heavily if chemical or nukes are ever used by anyone, knowing you wont due to the implications, but forceful enough in your ‘signaling’ that they wont. That they think you may well respond while you know you have no intent. Yet would if it came to that, but it wont. That’s the dance. That’s the power and messaging we need to portray and send. Always. With this administration, we have failed completely.

There is so much misinformation and lies by both sides in this madness. Sadly.

I share these 2 pieces by KGB and Putin expert Alex Holstein, short, provocative.

1) Defcon Watch: "Scum-like guy..."

Alex Holstein


2) Discipline and restraint

How should the West respond if Russia drops tactical nuke in Ukraine?

Alex Holstein