Trump: if he announces he will run again, I say GO FOR IT, we need TRUMP, we need him more than ever to get up in there & tear up the democrats and RINOS, jail many many of them, all COVID advisors

by Paul Alexander

all RINOs, any government official, AZAR, Fauci, Birx, Ashish Jha, Francis Collins, Walensky, any and all whose polices killed people, and Bourla CEO of Pfizer, jail that beast with Bancel of Moderna

No one is perfect. No one, and the best we do is support those among us trying to do some good or helping. I look at Trump that way, a flawed imperfect person, alike me and you and everyone. If he is willing to stand up and face the demons in D.C. again, look around, who else would you put? I know there are even better than him in the population but they have not emerged yet or shown themselves so we go with who is the best among us and even among the worst. You could not withstand the hate he faced each minute 24/7 for 4 years, the 1 year during his primary and election in 2016, and the three years since. You could not and for that I admire him. If he can get back in there and clean some house, I support. A lot of dirty rats in there and he has some vengeance to square off. I say give him a 2nd shot and let us hope he understands that he has to square off this failed lockdowns and vaccine. I will hope he does that. Soon we have to rally behind the leader and let me be clear, I will vote for a democrat if I felt that she or he would do good by the nation. I used to think it was Manchin (in this era) but he is a fake and sell out deceiver. Maybe he has good for the nation but so far has failed.

This is how I think, who can do best by the US and will at least try not to harm the nation and people while on tap. I think Trump, with his orange hair and skin and all his imperfections, is the right person. Willing to take the slings and arrows in pursuit. Can you?

I was there, I saw and knew what Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and other deepstate officials did daily, what CDC and NIH and FDA officials did Trump daily to harm him and his re-election and to make his pandemic response chaotic and dangerous. They lied to him, hid data, hid information, with held information, did everything to make the people think he did not know what he was doing.

I want Trump to run and win! To heavily punish these malfeasants like Fauci, for what they did costed lives! He was badly treated by all. He has to punish, for him and us. I thought he was destined to greatness and let us not go backwards but now forward, if he is doing this, he needs to come fix the madness under Biden et al. and all he did not complete under him. Biden et al. are trying to destroy the US and I think Trump can stop this and reverse damage. I love Ron DeSantis who is destined to be a great POTUS, but IMO, Trump will hit floor running. In 2024. That is the key.

I think he, Trump, deserves a 2nd shot to finish what he started and to have learnt and now coming for vengeance. I want him too as part of this, to admit his failure with the lockdowns and the operation warp speed fraud COVID vaccine. I support him, I think he is the best on tap to fix the ills of the nation and world. He needs a new cast around him, not the dead weight malfeasants he prior had, opportunist freaks.

Trump needs to go back and find each and everyone who really did wrong, proper investigations, all who conspired against him, all whose COVID polices under him and Biden, led to the death of people and children, healthy innocent people, and ensure he uses the full arm of the law and imprison wrongdoers…let the legal process play out but he needs to now really be the ‘law and order’ POTUS he ran on…

Bourla and Bancel once shown in proper inquiry what we know already, must sit in a jail cell. There is no amnesty, no forgiveness, none of that. Pure vengeance for what they did to him, sick, cold, just like them, deliver it cold. Revenge best served cold! I am for that, for all who suffered people and enacted policies in hospitals that killed our elderly with the midazolam and morphine and Remdesivir and ventilation that exploded peoples’ lungs. Jail them, that is my revenge and clean them out financially!


I want Fauci and Francis Collins in leg irons, day 1 of a new Trump administration, and all January 6th prisoners released if they did no crime. Pardon all.

POTUS Trump, give me the nod and a few select people, we will help round up people the courts say are guilty and help you jail them! Know that most of the Task Force you had are headed to jail, save folk like Giroir. Maybe a Redfield for I do not blame him, he was just out of his depth, weak. Pusillanimous.

But any and everyone whose COVID policies costed lives, we must jail them long and hard. And no country club set up, no, I want some hard labor too.