Trump never ever understood how much the lockdowns that Fauci and Birx implemented that he allowed, just how much it hurt people, his peoples, Americans. How much all it did was shift the burden...

by Paul Alexander

of morbidity and mortality from the laptop café latte, zoom class, to the poor in the US (women, children, African Americans etc.) and harmed them, people least able to shield! Yes, and they died!

No excuses here! None.

Yes, with lockdowns, people were now able to walk their dogs, catch up on reading, go on vacations in the lockdowns, hunker in the basements in crocks and flannels, you know, the café latter zoom class, the lap top class, the managers and beyond, while the poor faced pathogen in the grocery serving them, and died!

His rabid supporters refuse to still grasp that the lockdowns hurt him at the polls, devastatingly. We knew. The lockdowns baked in and many peeled away, hurt, angered, still are. Even when you discount the possible (and likely) fraud at the box. The lockdowns punished him and he did not get that! I want to be honest with you!

Lockdowns and school closures hurt people and caused suicides. Of our children. The lockdowns under Trump that Fauci and Birx sold to him, deceived him with, caused the world to lockdown, and caused deaths of thousands of Americans. These malfeasants like Birx even admitted that she worked to deceive the POTUS, to undercut him. To hide data etc.

I have to share that Trump did fight these beasts, he fought the teacher unions and CDC fraudsters hard, daily, he was very hurt, shaken by the lockdown harms to our children and visibly, and he fought Fauci and CDC and they kept threatening they would leak he was muzzling them. He was not. We were not. I knew and saw his fight and I found it was incredible. We only wanted them to stop harming US children by their fraud, inept, dangerous reckless lockdown lunatic policies. In the end, Trump failed by not firing these beasts early on, day 1.


Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen

We did a survey mid 2020 of 18-24 year olds in all Colleges and Universities in US, the healthiest best among us, young people, found 30% reported in the last month that they wanted to kill themselves. Not due to the virus, but due to the lockdowns and infringement on their rights and freedoms, could not understand how their governors could betray them that way.

This is the legacy of lockdowns that Fauci and Birx implemented, each death, each collateral death sits at these two demon’s feet, these devils. But Trump did not fire them and subjected us to 2 years of their lockdown lunacy. Then to allow Azar to con you into a fraud vaccine and give these beasts at Moderna and Pfizer, Bourla and Bancel, these 2 devils, these beasts, liability protection and pay these bitches up front? All in Operation Warp Speed was wrong and high level officials at CDC, NIH, FDA, Moderna and Pfizer begged me, to secretly meet with them at HHS and on the DC mall, to talk, to share, confidentially, how scared they were for their safety and family, and their jobs, of how much they knew the vaccine was a fraud and will fail and was unsafe and to never allow children to be in receipt. They thanked me and begged me to not stop my fight on Fauci and CDC and NIH and to help protect the children for they were weak. They told me they were weaker than I and Risch and McCullough so begged we continue the battle. They knew all of it was wrong but could not stand up our of fear. They talk to me even today, as part of Biden’s administration. They are scared for the children.

They cannot understand why my own side is not interviewing me openly and routinely for what I know, ‘first hand’. They know the corruption even in the fighters and it is about fame for many and the money. It’s money making for many. I overwhelm and overshadow them, so my own side blacklists me ha ha ha, yet I am all over. Won’t stop me.